Eyebobs LLC

Company Overview

eyebobs exists to express. Hemingway had the page. O’Keefe had the canvas. eyebobs has each and every idiosyncratic member of the human race. From day one, we’ve fashioned original readers for original people. Three cheers to those who make seven statements a week. Keep up the good fight. You inspire us, and we hope to inspire you. As for our shy, reserved, and understated friends, we know there’s a character lurking beneath the surface. Sooner or later, we can’t wait to meet them. Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to un-repress your express.

eyebobs Core Values. These are the unchanging truths at the heart of our identity. They aren’t contrived. They can’t be extracted. They guide every aspect of our business, from product strategy to hiring to manufacturing to marketing.

Courageous: we are confident in character and bold in spirit
Resourceful: whatever the challenge, we have a knack for getting the box checked. Bottom-line: we get shit done.
Driven: we are passionately - perhaps obsessively - focused on moving forward and achieving our goals. We have no quit.

Available Positions